Confused on knitting instruction

Hi, I’m confused on a cowl knitting instruction. I’m stuck on the decrease part of the instruction. What does the below mean? Thanks in advance!

K12, K2tog all around (52 stitches)

Just do what it says. Knit 12 stitches, then k2tog (knit two together which is a decrease) all the way around.

It would help if you include a pattern link and name when asking questions. :thumbsup:

The 52 means you should have 52 stitches at the end of the row

Thank you. I currently have 56 stitches. If I knit 12 stitches, then knit two together all the way around, I would end up with 34 stitches. Not 52 stitches.

What is it that you’re making? Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern? I think the context may help us figure out what’s going on.

I’m doing the burton bear cowl. I purchased the paterrn (long list of instruction) from etsy. I emailed my question to the seller, but never got a reply. I finished the body of the cowl (56 knit stitches) Next step is the decrease and hood. I don’t have a link to the pattern. Below is the following steps that I have on paper.

“Next you have a small decrease: K12, K2tog all around (52 stitches)”

“Hood: you will be working your hood on the remaining stitches: 52 stitches. You will be working your hood back and forth in a rows in your remaining stitches (NOT working in the round). This will leave you an open in the front.”

"Row 1: knit 4, purl to last 4 stitches, knit 4"
"Row 2: purl 4, knit to last 4 stitches, purl 4"
“Repeat rows 1 and 2 until your hood piece measures 14 inches.”

I hope this info. Is sufficient enough. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out with this. I really like to have this cute cowl done for my little girl. Thanks so much in advance :blush:

How many stitches do you have on the needles before this decrease round? Is that[I] exactly[/I] as it is written in the pattern. The placement of ( ) and other things can make a huge difference. If it is exactly as written then I’d bet on a typo or some other error in the pattern itself.

Burton Bear Cowl

Now I’ll go check the comments.

I currently have 56 stitches on the needle. And that is exactly as written on the instruction. Thanks.

Is the link I posted what you’re working on?

I think as written it should work. 56/4 =14. K12, k2tog will decrease 4 sts evenly. Make sure you knit 12 before the k2tog.

Yes, the link is what I’m working on. I will try it out. Thank you!

Just knit 12 stitches, then knit 2 together, next, knit 12, and then knit 2 together again, then knit another set of 12, followed immediately by k2tog. When you get to the end of your decrease row, your total number of stitches you now have,(after decreasing) will equal the total given in the pattern.
This is a good thing for you to understand, because in the future, almost all patterns will have decreases like that. For instance, hats knitted on a circular needle, or dpns. The directions will say something like: knit 10, k2tog, all the way around. Next row, knit, next row, knit 8, k2tog, all the way around, etc. Eventually you’ll end up with a small number of stitches on your needle(s), which you will join together and close up the small hole by pulling your yarn taut.

That’s a cute little cowl, by the way! Are you knitting it for your child, or as a gift?

The seller replied to my question. She said

“You will want to knit 12 stitches, then k2tog, knit 12 stitches, then k2tog, repeating this all around”

Now I get it. I didn’t understand her original instruction. I’m new to knitting :wink:

Colonial, I just saw your post. Thank you! And thank you to everybody else that replied :muah: I’m trying to make this cowl for my daughter. I’m new to knitting and this is my first time attempting to knit a cowl, first time using circular needle, and first time working off a pattern. I’m not familiar with all the codes and wording. I will take note for future references. Knitting is so much fun and rewarding. There will definitely be a lot more knitting for me in the future.

Glad you’ve got it worked out. We’re all happy to help with any questions as you start knitting with patterns and new techniques. Love to see a photo of the finished cowl if you’d like to post a photol