Confused on how to do this

I’ve been really struggling to understand how to start this piece for one of my projects, would anyone be able to break it down with pictures or a video because I’m absolutely lost. (this is the body for a Bulbasaur Crochet pattern by AradiyaToys)

row 1 - Sc in the second stitch, 2Sc, 3Sc in the next stitch (crochet round), 2Sc, 2Sc in the next stitch (that already has the very first single crochet) (10)

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Maybe @OffJumpsJack or @Snowfleas can advise.

Hi dblade; I have read this over a few times and I will try to help. When you Chain 5, the hook is in the fifth stitch, leaving four stitches to work into.

In the second chain from the hook do a Sc, (1)
In the third chain from the hook do 2Sc (3)
In the fourth chain from the hook do 3Sc (6)
In the fifth chain from the hook do2 Sc (8)
In the same stitch that you put the first Sc, do the final 2Sc (total of 10)
It looks like this pattern is worked in rounds rather than rows.
I hope this is helpful.
If someone else can be more helpful please join in. Perhaps OffJumpsJack has an opinion.
Good luck with your project.

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My opinon is the pattern was written by a knitter that wasn’t familiar with how crochet instructions are written.

Yes, @Snowfleas, it is worked in rounds.

I would write it as follows using crocheter’s notation: (numbering the chains in parenthesis)

Sc in 2nd ch from hook (4th chain), sc in each of next 2 chains (3rd and 2nd chains), 3sc in last chain (1st chain). This is to round the end of the chain & you will now work up the other side.

Sc in each of the next 2 chains (#2 & 3), 2 sc in the 4th chain. (10 SC count).
First round complete.

This works a round of SC around the chain like a race track around the infield.

I have been thinking all day about how to describe wirkng around both sides of the starting chain.

I think they followed the knitting notation of SC1 in (named stitch), SC2, SC3 in next stitch (like a k, ktbl, k in next stitch for a double inc).

Sorry I took so long and used so many words.


Good luck with your Pokémon amaguri.

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Thank you so much for your help this helps so much!

Hey @dblade325 , I’m struggling with the same Project and hoped maybe you finished yours, still use your account here and can help me with the hind legs, row 6:
4Sc, Tr INC, 2Sc, 4INVDEC, 2Sc, INVDEC, 3Sc (19)

When I chrochet it I end up with (18) and an awkward bump where I did the treble increase. Any tips?