Confused on how many rows

I am working on a Tom Baker Scarf using this pattern.

It says 3 rows of purple but then at the top it says "measurements in garter ribs (2 rows each). So am I doing 3 rows or 6 rows? I am so confused, I did 3 but then I am looking at the images of the scarf online and it looks so much bigger, is that after blocking. Any help would be great. Thanks.

A row is a row, 2 rows is a ridge (or rib as they call it). If it says to work 3 rows, then just do 3 rows. Garter stitch grows lengthwise, even without blocking, which only needs to be washed and dried in whatever manner the yarn label says. Don’t stretch it to block it.

It depends on how close to the original you want to get on this. The widest and most prominent Dr Who scarves had a cast on of 60 stitches, the shortest 45. I thought 60 was extremely wide and cast on 50. Some patterns call for #8 needles and some #9. I’m currently knitting this scarf also. This is the pattern I’m using. It lists rows rather than garter ridges.