confused new knitter


Hello every one. I’m a new knitter and I’m very confused by a pattern I’m trying and wondered if anyone could explain what it means.
The pattern is for a small rabbit and relates to making the bottom of the head from neck to nose. I’ve cast on 24 stitches, and knitted a row. The pattern then reads:
Row 1: Knit 7, W&T, purl 14, W&T, knit 7
Row 2: Knit 6, W&T, purl 12, W&T, knit 6
I understand what wrap and turn means, but I don’t understand the purl 14 part as after knitting 7 stitches and doing the W&T - there are only 7 stitches on the needles.
Does this mean that I’d purl the 7 stitches that I have and then start another row (but not the row 2 in the instructions) and purl the remaining 7, W&T again and knit the 7 that are on the needles or am I totally missing something?


Do you a link to the pattern? I wouldn’t mind taking a look for you if it’s a free one.
I may be wrong but I have this feeling that it’s a typo and should be a lower number of stitches (maybe 4 and 2 respectively, or maybe you’re meant to do more stitches before you turn?) - short rows don’t go past the end of a row to continue on the other side.
In any case, it sounds cute and I hope someone can help sort it out for you!


Hello Shintoga

Thank you for having a look for me.
The link is Henrys bunny

It was a free one I came across a while ago and thought was cute. I saved it for my mam incase she wanted to do it for my niece as I wasn’t knitting at the time. I’d tried to learn to knit several times before but just couldn’t get it (strange I know), then all of a sudden it just seemed to click into place. But my pattern reading skills are still in development (and probably will always be!) and this one has really thrown me.


You should be working in the round after pu (picking up) one stitch from each of the 24 cast on stitches.

Are you using dpn’s or circular needles?

After you complete the body…
Beginning one st to the right of the first CO st, PU 1 st in every CO st (24 sts), and then work the following short rows. These rows will form the bottom of the bunny’s head from neck to nose:

  1. K all sts
  2. K7, WT, P14, WT, K7

So I will guess that the first cast on stitch marks the center of the front of the neck. And that the short rows are then balanced either side of center from there to form the lower jaw to the nose.

I hope that helps.


OffJumpsJack is correct - since the bunny is knitted in the round (instead of flat as I was imagining!) you don’t have to worry about running out of stitches before you’re done with your short rows.
Cute pattern in any case, I hope you post a picture if you finish one!


Hi guys. Thanks so much for the help. Unfortunately I have been using normal knitting needles - I hadn’t even heard of dpn or circular needles until last week! :pensive:
Will have to get some and try again. Thank you both so much :hugs:


At the beginning of the instructions it says to:
CO 24 sts onto 3 dpn (that stands for “double pointed needles”)

You will be knitting in rounds (circles) instead of rows.


You’re welcome, vicuk! I found DPNs tricky to use at first, so much so I was disappointed for a long time when I saw a cute pattern I wanted to do, only to find it was knitted in the round! But eventually I did learn how to use them and it’s been really nice not being so limited.
Some pick that skill up faster than others - my advice would be to watch a few different videos on YouTube or find some diagrams of the different steps to getting started with double points. Actually, that goes for pretty much any new technique - Google has helped my general craft skills a lot :slight_smile: