Confused new knitter! Pattern help would be lovely please

Thankyou! I’m so pleased with it!

Am I right in thinking if you are doing the sleeves in the round then all the rows are then RS rows?

I’m worried about messing it up as it looks so nice at the moment !

Yes, all the rows are RS rows. So if the pattern says to purl on the WS, those sts are knit. If the pattern is knit on the WS, those sts are purled. The nice thing is that you always have the pattern in front of you so it’s easier to check that the sts are correctly placed.

Fab that’s exactly what I thought.

The pattern is almost ingrained now so I can see where I’m at!

Thanks again! Hopefully I’ll get the sleeves done and then I’ll probably be back for the button band when the pattern confuses me :rofl: if not then a finished item picture!

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Looking lovely.
I’m sure you are going to make the sleeves beautifully but if you are concerned maybe put a life line in now so it’s easier to go back?
Life lines have helped me when I’ve been nervous about moving on.

Thankyou! Yes I think I’ll put one in once I’m a few rows down just in case. Bit of insurance aren’t they!

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One sleeve is complete! Learning a lot as I go through this pattern!


Well done! It’s always to the good when you learn something (or several somethings) new from a pattern. You’ve really integrated increases very neatly into the pattern stitch.

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Update !!

I’ve only gone and finished it :blush:

I won (a VERY tense…) game of yarn chicken as I only had 2 balls of this colour… All the ends are woven in and I just need to get some nice buttons.

So impressed with myself :grin:

Thanks again for all the helpful hints

What to try next!

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Yay, a win at yarn chicken always to be celebrated! The cardigan is lovely and indeed impressive. It deserves beautiful buttons. You are good.

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So pleased thanks for the encouragement!

Beautiful. Well done. The button band is perfect, no roll or pulling at all.
Do you have your eye on a particular button design or looking around?
What is the next knit?

Thankyou! I watched a couple of YouTube videos and split it into 4 with markers so I could check my stitch count as it was the first time I tried a button band - I couldn’t get the loop with the needle at all though so resorted to my trusty crochet hook!

I think quite plain as it’s such a nice pattern - fish eye or starburst in orange so it matches.

I don’t have another knit planned at the moment (shock!) Going to have to have a look on ravelry for some inspiration I think!

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That is perfectly lovely - please show us when you choose the buttons!

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