Confused -- K2 YO P2T

OK - I just got done doing ribbing and now I’m doing an eyelet row. The ribbing was K2 P2.

So then I see this one eyelet row is K2 YO P2T

I’ve never done a YO before but just looked at the videos.

So, I knit 2 stitches and then I do a YO but then as I’m about to P2T, isn’t that just the same as the ribbing section only I’m actually decreasing one stitch? KWIM?

If I do 2 knit stitches and then I bring the yarn around from the back to the front for the yarn over - ?? Huh? It doesn’t make sense.

I’m sure it is a newbie question - thanks for your help!

The P2T is purl 2 tog. So k2, yo, bring your yarn to the front again and p2tog. It’s a way to put eyelets into the rib

OK, so I’m kinda wrapping the yarn around twice then, right?

So I knit 2 stitches, bring the yarn forward, back to the back again, and around forward once more and then proceed with purling the 2 together - right?

I’m going with this so I hope it is right!

Thanks so much for your help!:muah:

Yes that’s how you do it. It’s more like one and a half times than twice around the needle but you’ve got the idea.

Yep, 1.5 times, got it! Woo hoo… :happydancing: