Confused - is this pattern really all knit?

I’m looking up baby bib patterns and came across this one. It’s very cute and I was considering doing it but…

it refers to doing “chain” stitches. Isn’t that a crochet thing? But it doesn’t specify any sort of crochet hook anywhere…?

I’m confused. :thinking:

It mentions that edging is optional, so the probably neglected to put the hook in the directions.

Ahhhh, well Amy has a video of doing this fortunately! I just watched it. Heck, I can do that! It seems like that’s what they are doing for the bib strings to me, if I understand the pattern. Maybe I’ll go ahead and try it. I could always use ribbon or an i-cord.

Then again, the bibs that tie on the side seem more convenient to me. I wish I could find a pattern which wasn’t a square, but buttoned on the side.

Thanks for your help Ingrid!!!

I always liked those big side-connecting bibs. The little ones always seemed to be in the babies mouth. Mine were plastic, though. Less laundry! :crying: