Confused....How do I do "K2, (yo,p2tog)?

Hello Friends.
I am still new at this and am trying to make a one-skein ribbon scarf from a pattern on the wrapper. I know how to k2tog and do a yarn over (yo) but since I have to bring the yarn forward after a knit stitch to do a purl stitch, I am confused how to do a (yo, p2tog) after a knit? :shrug: :??
Can anyone help or reference an explanation online.
Thank you!!
Nutter :muah:

[color=indigo]You need to wrap the yarn completely around the needle in order to achieve a YO before purling. So in this case knit the two sts, bring the yarn to the front and wrap completely around the right needle, and the P2tog. Try it a couple times and you’ll see how it’s done. :teehee: [/color]

Thank you–it’s working! Now how do I get the ribbon to stop twisting up as it comes off the ball? It is a real pain to knit with! :muah:

[color=indigo]Sorry, can’t help you with that one. :?? [/color]