Confused help please

Hiya I’m doing a cardigian 0-3 months but this pattern is confusing. Have I got to do the 20 pattern then decrease or decrease with the pattern chart any help would be much appreciated the bottom picture is the first bit of the pattern then the second x


Begin the 20 row repeat after the garter stitch and start the decreases at the same time. For the first size, work the first decrease on the 7th row after the garter stitch border.

What is the name of the pattern?

Jessica by Linda Whaley. I did this but was confused with the next part I’m an experienced knitter but this pattern is hard to follow thank you for your help x

What a cute little sweater! What part is causing the problem?

Aww thank u… trying to do it for my baby on the way with the pattern comes a picture to chart to follow the patterns but when I’m decreasing by doing k3 k2tog does this count as a decrease or part of the pattern I’m struggling to understand it x

Congratulations! That’s a very good reason for knitting this sweater.

Yes, the k2tog (as in the raglan k3, k2tog) counts as a decrease. It means that you’ll have to align the pattern eyelets with the eyelets in previous repeats so that the pattern stays aligned.

There’s an important note at the beginning of the pattern referring to the eyelet stitch decreases (not the raglan decreases). You’ll probably get to a point where the raglan decreases start to overlap the eyelet pattern. In that case, make sure you have enough sts to work both the eyelet and it accompanying dec .

“Pattern note: When working patt from chart, take care to ensure each dec of
patt is matched by an inc. If there are insufficient sts to work both, work end
sts of rows in st st.”