Confused! (Flower sprinkled blouse)

I have been wanting to knit this blouse for a while but i have some questions before i give it a try

I am thinking that the first step is to dec 1 st at each end every 7th row 6 times and then do the dec each side of marker every 10th row 5 times?

So my question is have i understood the pattern correct?

And also does anyone know of a replacement yarn instead of
CHADWICK’S RED HEART SOCK AND SWEATER YARN, 3 Ply, Shrink-and-Stretch Resist Finish?

From pattern:

Continue in stockinette st, de*creasing 1 st at both ends of every 7th row thereafter 6 times in all and decreasing 1 st at each side of both markers as before on every 10th row 5 times in all. There remain 94 (100, 106) sts on needle. Work without decreasing until piece measures in all 5½ (5¾, 5¾) inches, ending with a p row.

Link to pattern:

Thank you!

I think you could sub just about any sock yarn that gives you gauge.

I think you’re reading the pattern correctly and it does give the total number of decreases and stitch count so you can check to be sure you have it right.

Looks like a fun knit. Enjoy!

Just to be sure I understand, you should do the decreases at the ends every 7th row and [I]at the same time [/I]do the decreases each side of the marker every 10th row. All the decreases take place within 4.5-4.75" and at 10rows per inch, that’ll be just short of 50 rows. You’ll just about get the decreases in although you can increase the frequency of the decreases every 10th row depending on the gauge you get.
I agree about the sock or fingering yarn. Are you thinking about wool or cotton or an acrylic?

okay, thank you:)

I was thinking about using wool:)

There are lots of choices at this weight. The Cascade 220 fingering comes in a wide variety of colors but there are many others to choose from too. Here’s just one link.
It’s a very pretty vintage sweater. Nice to see these patterns.