Confused- Does Cast off = Bind Off

I’m thinking of trying to make a baby sweater, but am totally unsure of the instructions. I’ve got Sirdar pattern 1642, and for the size I’m thinking of using, I need to cast on 234 sts. Then comes the confusing part - “1st row: *K1, cast off 1 st, rep from * to end - 156 sts” per the instructions.

Am I to decrease by 1/3 by binding off every other stitch? I’m thinking I’d end up with 1/2 the original stitch count. Somehow this isn’t making sense to me - any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this might be my first attempt at a project that isn’t square - so I’m still pretty new at this. Thanks for understanding.


Maybe they want you to knit 1, then for the “cast off 1” you’re supposed to use the next two stitches for the cast off? Then you’d be decreasing 1/3 of the stitches.

I know that in Ireland, they say “cast off”, not “bind off”. When I first started knitting, I told my MIL that binding off was very hard for me, and she asked me what on earth binding off was. She said that they call it casting off. Not sure if this helps? :shrug:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I think I’ve got it. I was picturing knitting 1 stitch anc casting off the next, without doing anything to it. I think I did as Ingrid suggested - knit 3 and slip the 2nd over the 3rd. Even if that’s not what was intended, I’ve got the right number of stitches, and the edge looks a bit ruffled like the picture on the pattern sheet.

Isn’t the internet amazing? I bought this pattern on Friday and have been itching to get started but with everything that goes on at weekends I finally sat down with it tonight. I cast on my 216 stitches and then read the next bit. Que? “K1, cast off 1 st”. I did what I thought I should but then ended up with way too few stitches. Hmmm. Now what? I did a quick search to see if there was any explanation anywhere and lo and behold dj’s identical query came up! I’ve re-done my cast on and am ready to try the next part which makes much more sense now. Thanks everyone!

I find myself thinking that very thought quite often lou lou… the wealth of information at our very fingertips is mind blowing… well…information and friends too!

cast off is British/Irish knitting terminology for bind off