Ive just started knitting a jumper. Only on the ribbing and already confused. Ive cast on 73 and worked 7 rows in 1 x 1 rib.
For the 8th row the pattern says:

Rib 5, rib2tog, (rib 8, rib2tog) 6 times, Rib 6. 66 sts.

I thought my stitch count should still be 73? Can anyone help me pls.

Sadly ive had to rip it all out as i cant take rows back or pick stitches up very good when its not plain knit or purl stitches…

Welcome to KH. By my count you’ll be decreasing 9 stitches. 73-9=64.
What pattern are you using? A link to it would be great or at least what’s it called?

Welcome to the forum!
Yes, a pattern link is very helpful.
When you rib2tog it’s either a knit2together or a purl2tog so you’ll decrease one stitch each time you perform those. There’s an initial rib2tog and then one rib2tog in each repeat. Since the stitches in parentheses are repeated 6 times, that’s a total of 7sts decreased and that’ll take you from 73sts to 66sts.
I’m so sorry you had to rip all the ribbing out. It’s worth practicing on a ribbing swatch to get the hang of putting those sts back on the needle.

There are days I can count. Today obviously isn’t one of them. All I can figure is my mind grabbed the 8 of the rib 8 for the repeat number. I’m sorry for adding to the confusion. Thank you salmonmac!!!