Confused by Shape Neckline and Armhole Decreases

I’m baffled by the 2 sections “Shape Neckline” and “Armhole Decrease.” I bound off 5 stitches, per first Row 1. Then I followed the second Row 1 instructions. Was I supposed to continue on that same row with instructions from the second Row 1? Was I supposed to keep binding off 5 stitches? And what is the referrent for “work as established to end.” I just did SS. I ended up with 10 stitches (like I’m supposed to) but I’m sure I did something wrong because “Cruise Control” right below these instructions says to continue SS til armhole measures 6 1/2". Counting from the first bind off to 10 stitches remaining, I measure 8 " already. Which row am I supposed to start counting from to get the 6 1/2"? It all boils down to: Which instructions as I supposed to do at the same time and/or on the same row?
Thanks ahead of time for any help you can give.

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You’re to work the neckline decreases. These are the 4 rows that are repeated 7 times total. That’s 28 rows total with decreases on rows,17,21,25.
At the same time, somewhere while working these neckline decreases, you need to measure from the cast on and when you reach 19" shape the armhole edge starting on a RS row. That’s the bind off of 5sts for the beginning of the armhole.
Once the 5sts are bound off, work to the end of the row (probably knit the sts). If it’s a neckline decrease row, then decrease when you get to the last 3sts. If it isn’t a dec row, just continue to the end of the row. Turn, purl back. You’re to repeat rows 1 and 2 (the k1, ssk armhole decrease) and at the same time continue with the neckline decreases too.
The armhole is measured from the bind off of 5sts straight up, don’t follow the slant of the decreases.

What is the name of the pattern? I like the idea of a concentration zone and cruise control.

I had 27 stitches before I started this section. So, If I understand you correctly, I would:

Row 1: 26 stitches (w/k2tog)
Row 5: 25 " "
Row 9: 24 " "

(Row 10 = approx. 19" from cast on to here (Purl Side); so
Row 11 (Knit Side) (w/BO 5 st + SSK = 18 st)

Row 13: 16 st (w/SSK + k2tog)
Row 17: 14 st "
Row 21: 12 st "
Row 25: 10 st "

If this is OK, I can rip back to Row 11 and continue on.
To measure for 61/2", do I start from the 5th BO or the 1st BO?

Thank you so much for answering! The name of the pattern is "Camurac Cardigan"
in a book entitled “Drop-Dead Easy Knits” by Gale Zucker, . . . Here is a link:

Awesome-looking link! Yike! If it doesn’t work, you can easily find the book on Amazon

That is a link and a half but it works. I have only slight differences because row 11 isn’t a neck dec and there are armhole dec on rows 13, 15, 17, 19 and 21

Row 1: 26 stitches (w/k2tog)
Row 5: 25 " "
Row 9: 24 " “
(Row 10 = approx. 19” from cast on to here (Purl Side); so
Row 11 (Knit Side) (BO 5 st = 19 st)
Row 13: 17 st (w/SSK + k2tog)
Row 17: 14 st (neck dec on row 17, armhole on rows 15 and 17)
Row 21: 11 st (neck dec on row 21, armhole on rows 19 and 21)
Row 25: 10 st (neck dec on row 25)

So pretty close to the same.
When you measure the distance up from the bind off, consider the bind off of 5 as a straight line. Measure up from any point along the bind off or the row of the bind off. I sometimes put a thread in the same row as the bind off and measure up from that thread. It’s not really so critical but that thread may make it easier.
Vary good looking cardigan.

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You certainly know how to “unconfuse” things. Thanks so much for all you help! I think I get the gist now and, hopefully, when I meet this kind of instruction again, I’ll be able to figure out what to do.