Confused by pattern

Hi everyone… It seems I am back yet again. I was looking at this pattern and I don’t know if I am just having a “moment” I just can’t picture what it means. Can someone just clear it up for me please, I am thinking of using it, I know it would be simple as long as I know what they mean!

1ST Row-Slip 1, over, knit 3, repeat across row.
2D Row-Slip 1, draw the slipped stitch of previous row over the next 3 stitches. Knit 3, end row with knit 3.

I’m at a loss here :oops:

Thanks for reading:)

Once again, I had to do it to understand it.

Slip one stitch, put the yarn over to the front and then knit the next three stitches. Do this across the row.

On the next row, you’ll slip the first stitch, and the next stitches on your needle will be two regular stitches and a yo. The one after the yo (looking right to left, from the point toward the end) is the stitch you slipped on the previous row. Pick this up with the point of your needle and lift it over the three stitches and off the end of the needle. Then knit the three stitches.

Thank you my dear sweet Ingrid:)
I am going to do a swatch on my (practice) yarn to see what it’s all about. I actually understand your directions. Thank you… I just couldn’t visualize it (or even begin :oops: ) with the pattern.

[size=2]goes off to practice[/size]