Confused by pattern

Hi, I’m knitting a ‘Captains Fisherman Sweater’ and the pattern calls for popcorn stitches. Directions for the popcorn stitch is included, and is worked in one stitch (K1, P1, K1, then turn and knit those 3 stitches 4 times, then decrease back to one stitch). I’m good with that. The confusion comes in where the pattern indicates that the popcorn stitch should take 3 stitches instead of 1. Can you tell me what I’m missing? Thanks so much!

Can you quote the row or the note with the directions for the popcorn taking 3 sts? It does seem unusual.

Thank you for responding so quickly.

Here is the description of the popcorn stitch: Popcorn (PO): K1, p1, k1 in next st, (turn, k these 3 sts) 4 times, sl 1, k2tog, psso, turn, sl st from left to right needle.

And, here is the instruction from the pattern: Pattern 2: Worked on 5 sts.
Row 1: K1, p3, k1
Row 2: P1, k3, p1
Row 3: P1, PO, p1
Row4: RepRow2
Rep rows 1 and 2 twice Rep these 8 rows for Pat 2

And the photo doesn’t show a cluster of 3 popcorn sts or bobbles?

If not, I’d go by the photo of the pattern and work Pattern 2 over 3sts total:
Row 1: K1, p1, k1
Row 2: P1, k1, p1
Row 3: P1, PO, p1
Row4: RepRow2

The picture shows a row of bobbles. I’ve already finished the cast on and 3” of ribbing, do you think it would work to:
Row 1: K1, P3, K1
Row 2: P1, k3, P1
Row 3: p2, PO, p2
This way I could maintain the stitch count.

Yes, absolutely. That’s what I should have posted. Thanks for the correction.
Does working the row this way keep the over all stitch count on the row?

Yes, the pattern should be worked over 5 stitches. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.

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