Confused by pattern... Please help

Here’s what the pattern says:

[SIZE=2][B]Pattern Cable Stitch:
[/B](to be worked between stitch markers)
Rnd 1 (Cable Rnd): p3, sl 2 and hold in back with cable needle, k2,
k the 2 slipt sts, sl next 2 st and hold in front with cable needle, k2,
k the 2 slipt sts, p3.
Rnd 2-12: p3, k8, p3. [/SIZE]
[I][B][SIZE=2]Note:[/SIZE][/B][/I][SIZE=2] You begin the glove by working 2" in rib, then one rnd to place markers, then begin the Pattern Cable Stitch.
On the first cable, you will NOT do any decreases. On the 2nd-8th cable rnds, you will dec one st before the first marker and one st after the second marker. You should then have 42 sts.
On the next (9th) cable rnd, you will work your increase. You should then have 44 sts.[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=2]Left Glove:[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]
CO 56 sts on size 5 needles. Work k2 p2 rib for 2". Change to size 7 needles.
[B]Work one round as follows:[/B] k14, place marker, p3, k8, p3, place marker, k to end of round.
Continuing to work in Pattern Stitch between markers, dec one st before 1st marker and after 2nd marker every 13th rnd once, then every 12th rnd 6 times to 42 st. (Shaping should be done on cable rnd.) Inc one st on next following 12th rnd before 1st and after 2nd marker once to 44 sts. Work 2 more rows even.[/SIZE]

I finished the 2 inches of ribbing, and am confused by the wording that they use. Can anyone explain it to me?
I would deeply appreciate it! I’m in a :knitting: mood and want to continue knitting!

After the ribbon, you place markers on the needle for the cable st and where the decs go, The next round work row 1 of the cable pattern between them, but also dec before the 1st marker and after the 2nd marker (k2 tog will work). Also dec every time you do row 1 of the cable pattern, the round you cross the sts on.