Confused by pattern instructions

I am a brand new knitter and trying to muddle my way through a pattern for “IMitt” mittens. While they don’t look perfect, I am pleased with how I’ve done so far. BUT, now I’m stuck. The mittens have a buttonhole opening for the pointer finger so you can poke it through to use touchscreen devices. Here are the instructions:
“K13. slip 1 stitch as if to purl, bring the yarn fwd between the needles & leave it there, slip 1 stitch as if to purl, pass the first slipped stitch over the 2nd slipped stitch.” It repeats this for 5 stitches - I assume this is just binding off 5 stitches. From there it says “Put the 5th stitch back onto the left hand needle, [COLOR=“DarkRed”]reversing it. Reverse the last stitch on the right hand needle.”[/COLOR] [COLOR=“Black”]I don’t understand in the least bit what this means and trying youtube or a couple knitting books has not proved helpful in getting me to understand the whole reverse part.[/COLOR] Then it says to “make 5 firm backward loops over the right hand needle.” And, the last part I don’t understand, “Work three more rows.” Does that mean I do the same exact thing for 3 more rows, or something else?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can provide!!

Yes you BO the sts as you go, but by slipping them instead of purling. Slipping each one with the yarn to the front makes a sturdier edge. To reverse the st I think it means to turn it so there’s a twist in it. The 5 backward loops on the R needle are casting on sts over the bound off ones; however I’d do a cable cast on, it’s firmer than the loop CO. Then ‘work 3 more rows’ just means to continue knitting for 3 more rows, no more holes.

Here’s another explanation for the BO that’s used, it sounds like the method is the same for a buttonhole.

Thanks for the reply! Another question - when knitting 3 more rows, I was having a hard time figuring out how to knit into those 5 cast-on loops - I always seem to have a stretch of thread behind it, if that makes sense. Will this be easier if I cast on with the cable cast as opposed to the backward loops?

On the link you attached, when it says turn, does that mean to twist the yarn or turn the whole piece so your R needle is now your L needle?

thanks again!

I think that backward loop CO is a little more difficult to work into than the cable would be. You would turn the piece and swap the needles into the other hands.