Confused by pattern instructions

Hi everyone first post and hoping for help to finish my Granddaughters ballet cardigan, problem is on the border, I’ve picked up all the stitches knitted 6 rows ribbing thinking all that was needed to finish was to cast off the last row reads as follows :-
cast off 2 sts loosely * k into st 3 rows below next st on left hand needle , pulling yarn quite tightly and letting stitch above slip from left hand needle, lift 2nd st on right hand needle over 1st st and off right hand needle.cast off 4 , repeat …
I got the general idea but obviously made a mistake as the dropped st has not been secured, have never come across this before and wondered what was the effect of this crazy instruction !!!

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That’s interesting. It sounds like a bit of a scalloped effect in the cast off. What is the name of the pattern you’re following?

Hi,pattern King Cole 4587 Ballet top.

I can’t really see the edge very well but the idea is to put your needle into the center of the stitch 3 rows below and pull through a loop of the working yarn. The stitches above this will become unanchored but they won’t continue to ladder down all your knitting.
It’s like this video for knitting into the row below but you’ll be going 3 rows below.

That’s cute. It does look like it’s scalloped around the neck and front. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for this link worked perfectly and looks really pretty, as my wool isn’t fluffy the shaping shows up as a wavy/scalloped edge .
Well certainly come on this site again with all the marvellous expert help and answered so quickly.

We’d love to see a photo of the finished sweater.