Confused by DPN instructions

I am knitting my first infant hat on circular needles and the instructions tell me to transfer my remaining 48 stitches to 4 DPNs with two sets of 6 on each needle in order to complete the decreases necessary. The confusing part reads as follows “try to keep the stitch marker between 2 sets on a single needle”. The stitch marker is being used to indicate the start of my new rows, so if I have the marker between 2 sets on one needle, I am essentially putting the first set and the last set on this one needle, correct? If that’s the case it seems I would be removing only half the stitches off one needle and leaving half on. But then I wouldn’t have an empty needle to continue my stitching… Maybe I’m just not visualizing it correctly. Any thoughts would be most helpful. Thank you.

Assuming you have five DPNs…
Use a needle to work six stitches. Pick up another needle to do twelve, and do that three times, then work off the last six stitches (the easiest way is to use both ends of ytour circular needle) and slide them onto the first needle you used, the one with six stitches on it. You should have the whole row with the round marker in the middle of that first needle.
If you only have four needles in your set, you can use your circular needle to fill in. Just don’t do what I always do and work all of the stitches back onto it absent-mindedly!

Ok. Thank you. I am using 5 needles. I will try your suggestion and see if it makes more sense once I have all the stitches in place. I appreciate your help!

Oh dear. I tried to do what you suggested and now my working yarn is in the center of my needle where my last stitch meets up with my first stitch ( stitch marker in between the two). I am confused as to how I start moving stitches onto my 5th needle.
I just learned how to use DPNs so I could do this project and the cast on always ended with the working yarn on the last stitch of the left hand side of the top needle and I would just start moving stitches off the the next needle to the left. This set up has me totally confused.
Have I done it wrong?

Move the first six stitches of the round over to your fifth needle, then work those stitches to put them back onto the first needle. That gets your working yarn to the end of the needle, and your fifth needle is now free to start working off the next needle.

For future reference, you could work the first six stitches of the round on your circular, then start working 12 stitches per DPN after that. When you work your way around, you’ll work the final 12 (six from one round and six from the next) onto that last needle, and the yarn will be properly positioned.

Okay. I will give that a go. Thank you to all you great knitters for sharing your knowledge and experience!

:slight_smile: It worked!

Yaaaay! I was afraid of confusing you more. If you were sitting here we could have shown you in half a second. It’s hard to point at things over the Net :slight_smile:

That’s for sure!