Confused by Decrease Instructions

Hello All,

First time posting: Self taught knitter, determined, but constantly needs assistance. I have taken on a rather intermediate pattern and come to a tricky part of the instructions:

I’m knitting this sweater, Drops Design 17-1:

I am currently working on the body, having just added the sleeves. I have done the first decrease per the DECREASING TIP, and now it states:

[B]Continue in pattern like this, AT THE SAME TIME on next row from RS dec for raglan – SEE DECREASING TIP.
Continue to dec on every 8th row: 0-0-1 (2-3) times, on every 6th row: 1-2-2 (1-1) times and then on every 4th row: 4-3-2 (2-1) times.

This is confusing. Why does it indicate 8, 6, then 4? Shouldn’t it be 4, 6, 8? I am on the 8th row now, which for my size requires no increases, but are they saying on the 14th row (6th row) that I should decrease (2) times and then on the 18th row (4th) decrease (2) times as well?

It’s just very confusing. Any help you can provide would be great, I have a feeling I may need to tear back some rows and I haven’t done any decreases yet except for the original.

Thank you

P.S. I am making the 6-9 month size, which is the second number listed for all instructions.

If you’re working one of the larger sizes you graduate the number of decreases - first every 8th row, the every 6th, then every 4th row. Since you’re making the 2nd size, and the dec 8th row instructions have a 0/zero there, you skip that and dec every 6th row twice, then every 4th row 3 times. So you just need to go back 2 rows to the 6th one, do the decs on that row and the 6th one after that. Then dec on the 4th row after that one.

Thank you, that’s what I thought, but it just seemed like it decreased at a quicker rate, according to the picture. I didn’t think I would be getting to those rows, so I just wanted to check.

Thanks for your help!