Confused by baby cardigan pattern

Hi all,

I’m trying to complete this baby cardigan found in the above link. I’m a bit of a beginner and I have self taught myself to knit. I’ve done easy projects before like baby hats and booties but wanted to try something a bit more advanced.

Anyway the part I’m stuck on reads:

K22, m1, k1, sl31sts to waste yarn, using backwards loop method cast on 4sts, k1, m1, k38, m1, k1, sl31sts to waste yarn, using backwards loop method cast on 4sts, k1, m1, k22. 98 sts

I’m not sure how to Complete this line…

Any help would be really appreciated!

ok, so…
knit 22 stitches
make 1 (an increase stitch - videos at try m1a, m1t, m1L or m1R)
knit 1 more stitch
slip the next 31 stitches to waste yarn (or you could use a stitch holder, or needle cable)
cast on 4 new stitches using backwards loop method (
knit 1 stitch
make 1 stitch (it’s likely you’ll want to do the matching stitch to what you did before. so if you made 1 left before, you’ll make one right, or vice-versa. if you made one away, you’ll make one towards this time.)
knit another 22 stitches.
this brings you to 98 total stitches after the row is completely worked.

does that help? hope so. if not, let us know which parts need more clarification. :wink:

Thanks for your help. Two things I still need clarified. Do I cast one the four stitches with my working thread? Then afterwards do I continue working from the stitches on my cable needle?

yes, you’ll be doing the 4-stitch cast-on in the middle of the row using your same working yarn. and then continue on with the next set of stitch instructions still using that same working yarn.

i think by ‘cable needle’ you mean your circular needle that has a cable, as opposed to a cable needle which is the short thing to hold stitches temporarily, right?

do you have a link to the pattern? :wink: