Confused by a pattern

Hi everyone I have recently taught myself to knit and am following my first pattern. I thought I understood the lingo but have just come across a line that has me confused.
K6, K2tog, K10, 9 times, K2tog, K6 (112)
My question is what am I repeating? Any other repeats in the pattern have brackets. The number in the brackets at the end is how many stitches there should be in the row.

Welcome to KH. What pattern are you using? I think something is missing from the instructions you posted. Does the line in the pattern have any asterisks * or parentheses ( ) ? Knowing how many stitches are on you needles before this row would also help.


I agree, looks like the brackets have accidentally been missed off the pattern.
There may be some errata for the pattern on the designer’s website.

I would say
K6, (k2tog, k10) 9 times, k2tog, k6
6 + 99 + 1 + 6 = 112
It works out for the stitch count.
You would be starting with 122 stitches and decreasing by 10 across the row. Does this sound right?


That sounds exactly right. Thank you so much!


Thank you for replying. I will remember the row beforehand if there is ever a next time.

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You’re welcome. Glad to be able to help.
I’ve followed quite a few pattern now and feel like I understand them well enough but just yesterday needed to ask for help again myself as there was a line I couldn’t get my head around.

Any tricky bits, just ask, this is a great forum for support.
We also like seeing photos of work in progress and finished projects if you fancy sharing a pic.

I should remember to scroll before searching and typing a reply. I found another web page with the exact same question. Solved the same way as @Creations decoded it. The other page link follows.

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