Confused and not moving till

I’m knitting, for the first time, some initials. On circs.
Let’s say, I have an A and a B, side by side, 2 dishcloth patterns.
After I knit the first row, of the a and the b, do I then begin by knitting
the b instructions, and then the a?
If I go back to the a, I’ll join the yarn and make a circle, which I don’t want to do.
So, go forwards, and then backwards,
and then forwards, again?
I’m so confused about this, and afraid to make a mistake.:frog:

On the front of the work, you’re knitting from left to right. So lets say you were going to knit an A and a B in that order.

First you’d work across to the first row of the B and continue across, working the first row of the A when you get to it.

Turn your work, and on the back you’d work the second row up to the A and then over to the B.

There’ll be no reason to join in a tube.