Confused and need Help!

[COLOR=“Red”]I am finishing off a short sleeve v-neck sweater. I am doing the neck band
Here is the parts I am having trouble with:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Black”]Left back neck band:[COLOR=“Black”]
Beg at center back with smaller needles, pick up and k 17 stitches along left back of neck (viewing my left back as if I had the sweater on. It would be toward my left arm hole). Sl the 6 st from first holder to LH needle.(For a total of 23 st.)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Red”]Which I think I have done right. Here is what I have done:
I found the middle stitch in the back of my sweaters neck line and picked up a st with my LH needle and then k it onto my RH needle and proceed going towards my left armhole until I picked up the 17 stitches. Then I sl onto the LH needle the 6 stitches from my stitch holder. (Total 23 st on LH needle)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Black”]Then the instructions say to Work in pattern which is: *Sl 1, p4, p2tog, Sl 1 wyif, turn, k2tog, yo, cdd,yo,k2. Rep from *until all picked up sts have been worked. ( you just end up going over what you just knitted not continuing onto the stitches that have been worked), Sl sts to holder.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Red”]I get lost at the “turn”. When I turn I go right back over what I just completed. I do not continue on to work the picked up sts as the instructions tell me to.
I hope I have explained this clear enough because I am confused.
The Right Back Neck Band is done very much the same and I get lost at the turn again. See below. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Black”]Back Right instructions:
Pick up and P 18st along right back of neck. ( I did the same way as I did on the left back neck and worked towards the right arm hole), Sl sts from 2cd stitch holder to LH needle (Total of 24sts), purl to end of row (I p the 6sts).
(new row?)*Sl 1, K 1, yo, cdd, yo, ssk, sl 1 wyib, turn, p2tog-tble, p5, Rep from * until all picked up sts have been worked (again you go over what you just completed not the other worked sts).
Looking forward to your reply Barb Beath:rofl:

"When I turn I go right back over what I just completed."
Yes that’s correct for the purl part of the row before the turn. When you finish the knit row (after the turn) you’ll have 5 sts. Then you repeat the purl row and you’ll use up two more sts from the ones on the left needle that haven’t been worked and so on, every purl row. Keep going with the instructions for the two repeat knit and purl sections and you’ll see that those sts do get used.

Thank you for such a quick reply. That is great. I will try that and see if I understand it. I am a hands on person and must try it before I understand.That is why reading instructions is such a pain for me. Plus I am dyslexic. So if I have problems you will be hearing from me again.
Sincerely Barb Beath How do you print this.

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