Confused again

Sorry must be because i’m new at patterns.

Ok so i have 2 sleeves, and a front and back piece.

I’m now doing the neckband,
pattern reads:
Using back-stitch, join reglan seams, noting that tops of sleeves form part of neckline.
With right side facing and using 2.00 needles, knitt up 79 sts evenly around nec, incl sts from stitch holders and working a button hole as before.

I have lied it out and think i can figure out how it joins, however confused I have looked on this site for back-stitch, and what is reglan seams?

Raglan seams. If you misspelled it you may not find it. Raglan seams are that go diagonally from the armpit to the neck in front and back.

I’ve never seamed them…have only done them seamlessly which is the best way IMO. :wink:

Oh ok i get it, so i can just join them seamless. and yes i think i spelt it wrong.

Just use the mattress stitch for seaming. You can’t join them ‘seamlessly’, you knit them them that way instead of in pieces. But you’re done with that part, so all you have to do is sew them together.