Confused again help please


I am knitting a bear body pattern as follows:

Cast on 30 st

K3 inc 5st k2 inc 10st k2 inc 5st k3 = 50st

Beginning with purl row work 12 rows st st


K11 (m1 k1) 4 times k20st (k1 m1) 4 times k11st

St st 18 rows


K12 (k2tog) 4 times k18 st (k2tog) 4 times k12 = 50 st

St st 4 rows

I am stuck on the stocking stitch rows because earlier pattern stated begin st st with a purl row so do I always begin st st with a purl or should I begin with a knit row as Purl side is the right side on this bear.

Any help gratefully recieved

Yes, in this case, begin the directions to stockinette stitch for x rows with a purl row. The increase and decrease rows are on knit rows so in order to keep up the stockinette pattern, you’ll purl on the row following.
Make sure too that you end with a purl row before the next increase row. You may have to work one more or one fewer row but you’ll probably want the stockinette pattern to continue before and after the increase and decrease rows.

That’s a great help,thanks hopefully I should be able to get stuck in now