Confused about WYIF, sl 1, K5

I am swatching the Rectangular Square Cover Shawl from Knitpicks to make sure I understand the pattern. Each row begins WYIF, S1 as if to P, K5 (or K7). I know that WYIF is with yarn in front, but since the next stitch is K, which needs yarn behind, I don’t understand what this is doing. Is it just creating a bar where the yarn goes across the slipped stitch when I move it to the back? I hope I’m explaining this right…would appreciate any help as this is my first attempt at laceweight.

Deb in N TX

If you slip that first stitch and then bring the yarn between the needles to knit the next one, the yarn won’t cross in front of the slipped stitch. I believe you’ll get a chain-looking edge. Another way to do it is to slip the first stitch, bring the yarn around the back under the right needle and knit from there. that will give you a little wrap around the edge.

I couldn’t find this on the Knitpicks site, so I’m not sure what look the pattern is going for.

Thanks Ingrid, the pattern can be seen here -

It is a really pretty diamond pattern - I feel like I’m following the directions fine, just didn’t have a clue what the WYIF before the slip stitch is supposed to do in terms of the appearance.

Deb in N TX

Since that is such an exposed edge, I’d bring the yarn around under the right needle to knit the next stitch after the slipped stitch.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures of how the wrapped edge looks. These are on seed stitch edges, but you can see how the very edge looks.