Confused about what Yarn to use for my pattern?

Hi Knitter friends. I have a pattern and I’ve found a yarn online but I’m not sure if they are compatible. Hoping someone could help me please.

The yarn is Rowan Hemp Tweed Chunky:

And the pattern is this lovely Aran jumper:

Really hoping somebody could shed some light on how I can what to look for.



The pattern yarn is called a bulky but the gauge (18.5 sts/4”) is a heavy worsted or aran. The gauge for the yarn you’d like to use is a bulky (14sts/4”) which probably isn’t going to work. Look for a yarn that is close in gauge and fiber content.
Yarnsub .com is a good site to use for substitutes but it doesn’t list your pattern yarn.
Love the cable work in this sweater.

Thanks, I really appreciate your reply. So i need to find an aran yarn. That’s a shame because I was really intrigued by the wool and hemp mix as I’d rather avoid acrylic.

It’s a lovely pattern. I’m only a very basic knitter but my mum’s friend is very kindly knitting this for me.