Confused about VK Fall 2007 # 13 pattern

OK, so it’s for sweater # 13 if anyone has the magazine…I checked the website, and there are no corrections. Basically, I’m making this sleeve on circular needles. Here are the directions:

Row 1 (RS) P10, k8, p4, k24, p4, k8, p10
Row 2 K10, p8, k4, p8, k8, p8, k4, p8, k10
Row 3 Rep Row 1

AT THE SAME TIME, when 6 rows above joining B (Row 1 was the first one after joining B), work inc row on next row (7) as follows:
Next (inc) row (WS) K1, M1, work to last st, M1, K1

However…how can row 7 be WS if Row 1 was RS!? Also, Row 1 (and hence 7) start with purls, so what do I do? Do I just do K1, M1, p9 instead of p10 to accomodate this? If I do K1, M1, and then p10, everything is obviously thrown off by 1 stitch.


I would just skip working the increase into row 7 and just work it into row 8 (row 2 of pattern). One row isn’t gonna be all that much different and you will be on the correct side of the work.
And as for the increase part I would do it this way (at least for this first increase) k1, m1 (pick up the bar between the stitches), k9,…etc. and then work to the last 2 sts of the row, k1, m1, k1.