Confused about using markers

I’m working on a baby blanket (my first one) and the pattern has me placing a marker in a row. Several rows later it says to slip the marker. Does that mean to take the marker out of the project? Until I get to that point do I just keep passing the marker between the needles as I come to it? I thank you all in advance for helping me out.

Yes, just move the marker from one needle to the other. Your markers should mark a change in the pattern and give you a way to work with a small number of stitches at a time within a large pattern without having to rely heavily on counting your stitches every time you get interrupted during the project. Your pattern should also give you a number of stitches between each marker (usually).

So when the pattern tells me to slip the marker, does that mean to take it off the needle and out of my work?

Nope. Slip it from the left needle to the right. :thumbsup:

The marker might go on your needle or they might be in a stitch. How is the place marker instructions worded? If it just says ‘place marker’ that goes on your needle and you slip it from one to the other every row.

The pattern says to place the marker, so I think I understand now, thanks to everyone who helped!