Confused about thumb gusset instructions for gloves pattern

I’m a beginner-ish knitter working for the first time in the round on dpns making some fingerless gloves for my brother -

I’ve managed fine with the ribbed cuff but the thumb gusset instructions have me a little confused, especially where it says ‘k2 rounds even, keeping the p1 sts uniform’ - what does that mean? Do the p1 sts stay in the same place in those 3 rounds and then do I change the purl st positions? I’m finding it really hard to visualise at the moment.

I’d be grateful for any help you can throw my way!

It seems to be a strange way of saying that while you knit two rounds even, you’re still supposed to purl the purl stitches. I think it’s so you don’t read “knit two rounds” and just knit all the stitches around.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:
I was worried that by the time I figured out how to knit these up for my brother it would be Spring (I’m a very slow knitter!)