Confused about this row

I’m knitting a baby bootie and the row I’m not “understanding” says

k to marker, M1L, SM, K to next marker, SM, M1L, k to next marker, M1L, SM, k to next marker, SM, M1L, k to end.

I understand how to do everything in the row but my question is about when to slip the marker and when to M1L. The directions say in some parts to M1L before you slip the marker and in others it says to slip before doing the M1L.

I don’t understand where exactly to M1L before slipping the marker, do I leave on stitch on before the marker to M1L? Saying to knit to the marker would seem to me to mean NO stitches left just the marker, but then why wouldn’t it always say slip marker first?


You do exactly as it says. Knit to the marker - means knit so there are no stitches before the marker.

In this case it really doesn’t matter whether you slip the marker first or not since there is only one increase, but it’s good to follow the pattern in case it has you do something different after the marker at some other point.

I’m just curious as to why they’d write it that way.:shrug: I think I would have trouble doing that increase without slipping the marker first lol it would get in the way and probably fall off anyway. Thanks for your help!

In some patterns they might have you do something after the marker as well so they are just making it clear. Plus since they want to you to M1L that might go on the left side of the marker if they had wanted you to do another on the other side.