Confused about this pattern

I’m confused about the instruction in this pattern. I’ve never seen it written this way before.

  • After the 9 rows it says:

Beg RS row K15 [B][COLOR=Red]ssk 5[/COLOR][/B], k1, [B][COLOR=Red]k2tog 5[/COLOR][/B], K2end

I don’t understand what the number means in this case. Do I ssk 5 times…as in over the next 10 stitches or do I ssk 5 stitches all at once? Same with the k2tog. :??

I’d say do the ssk 5 times and then the k2tog 5 times. The pattern certainly is confusing.

I agree, do each 5 times. Wont the ssk and k2tog lean in opposite directions? the stitch counts works, assuming that k2end means to knit to the end - you’ve got k15 at the beginning, the 5 decreasing leaning one way, k1 is the center of it all, 5 decreasing leaning the other way, then k15 = the 51 stitches the row before had.

Thank you! I wasn’t sure I’d hear from the designer so I posted here, but she did get back to me and you are both correct. I’d just never seen it written that way and being the perfectionist I am I wanted to make sure. :wink:

Darlin’ little booties! :heart:

Thanks for the education! I’d never seen this type of patternese either!

Those booties are adorable, but the pattern writing in exusable. I have plenty of British and Australian patterns (the pattern writer is in London) and there’s nothing like that, ever. I hope she fixes it! So many people are posting so many patterns these days, and the majority of them have glaring errors! I understand they’re just mistakes, but it’s very frustrating for the knitters who have to try to figure it out!

I told her that adding the word ‘times’ after the 5 would help a lot. She did say that no one has ever asked about it though.