confused About switching from two needles to dpns

I am knitting a Christmas stocking and the pattern part of the leg is done on two needles and now I am ready to start the heel and I am stuck with how to move from two needles to dpns. It says to take 18 stitches from each end and place on one dpn and the 36 on another. But if I put 18 stitches from the beginning and the end,the yarn is in the middle of the row. And I am not sure how to correct that. If I knit it like this, won’t one half be one row more than the other half? I’m a bit baffled.

I think just knit to the other end so it’ll be in the correct place. I’ll tag someone…


Is it seamed or on circulars now?

If it’s a sock like pattern I’d knit to the DPNs. 18 to the first one, 18 to the second, 18 to the third and 18 to the first again, then knit to the end, turn.
Yes it’s half a row off but it’s yarn, it gives. Plus assuming you start socks in the center of the back they’re also off half a row (and I think the heel turn puts it half a row off the other way).


Awesome! Thanks!!!