Confused about setting up armholes

I’m in the process of knitting the High Neck Cable sweater pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas and am confused about the instructions for setting up the arm holes.

[B]The instruction reads:[/B]
Next Round: Remove end of row marker, k5 sts, place last 10 sts on stitch holder, work to next side marker, remove marker, k5 sts, place last 10 sts in stitch holder, work to end of rnd. Set aside.

I’m puzzled because the round is made up of 78 stitches for the back row and 78 for the front row, which = 156 stitches in the round.

The front row (from right to left) is made up of knit 22 knit - 34 (cable pattern) - 22 knit.

[B]When I set up the arm holes i wind up with:[/B]

Front Row(from right to left):
22 knit - 34 (cable pattern) - 7 knit - 10 (stitch holder) - 5knit

Back Row (from right to left):
5knit - 10 (stitch holder) - 68 knit.

I’m sure I goofed because the numbers are off balance, and am tempted to balance it out but am nervous about botching something up.

Wondered if anyone could help? I’d really appreciate it and thank you in advance!:slight_smile:

What they’re saying to do is to remove the center marker, knit 5 and [I]then[/I] put the previous 10 on the holder–the 5 you just knit and the 5 that were before the marker.

Yes, the 10 sts on the holder will become the underam sts and would be halfway around. Half of them come from the front and half from the back.

Thank you so much for restoring my sanity!!!:woohoo:

Now if I could only find my own. :verysad: