Confused about pattern wording!

Hello there! I’m trying to knit the sleeves of a sweater pattern and I’m confused about when exactly I should be increasing for the sleeve shaping. When it says every 12 rows, does it mean the row following the 11th row increase or another 12 rows after that part? And does the every 12th row increase happen in tandem with the every 12th row increase or does it follow the 6 12th row increase?
The instructions I’m confused about are as follows:
With charcoal work approx 41⁄2"/11 cm (= 38 rows) in St st. With light blue work approx. 23⁄4"/7 cm (= 28 rows) in Texture Pattern, and on the 1st RS row of pat, dec 8 sts evenly spaced across. Cont in St st with light blue, and on the 1st row inc 8 sts evenly spaced across.
At the same time, for the sleeve shaping, inc 1 st each side on the 11th (9th, 7th, 7th) row above ridge pat, then rep inc every 12th (10th, 8th, 8th) row 6 (5, 3, 5) times and every 10th (8th, 8th, 6th) row 4 (8, 10, 12) times, work inc sts in pat = 84 (90, 94, 102) sts.

For the smallest size, after you finish the ridge pattern work 10 rows in the next pattern. On row 11 increase and then inc on rows 23,35,47,59,71, and 83. The next increases are on rows 93,103,113, and 123.
What pattern are you working?

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