Confused about pattern repeat in chart


Hi all. I am knitting a shawl pattern and am confused about one of the repeats in the pattern. There are no written instructions with this section, just to complete the lower border border section. Do I do the repeat one time in each section in each row? For instance, in row 1, do I do two knit stitches each time I pass through the repeat pattern? I did the pattern as written without any repeats and ended up with the stitch count completely wrong so I’m thinking I need to do repeats but have never done them from a chart before. Thanks! pattern%20repeat


I always have trouble working from charts. Is there a link to the actual pattern? It would be easier to help with more info.


The pattern isn’t on the web, I downloaded it. But there are no instructions for the chart I posted above, other than “work rows 1 - 8 of lower border chart”.


It looks like you work the first 8sts of the chart including the decrease and starting on the right for row 1. Then repeat the red outlined stitch, a knit stitch across to the center decrease. Continue with the next 4 knit sts, repeat the red box which is a knit stitch to the last 8sts. End the row with k4, decrease, k3. For this first row and for the second row, it’s mostly knits or purl sts. On row 3 you have a more substantial repeat as outlined in the red box.
It may help to place markers for the beginning section, the center stitch and the end section.

Can you give us the name of the pattern?


Thank you, that makes sense and is what I was thinking I needed to do. The pattern is the Finella shawl purchased from Knit Picks.