Confused about pattern instructions

I’m new to reading patterns, so any advice would help! :slight_smile:

I’m knitting this hat for my boyfriend with a bulky yarn and size 10 US regular needles (not circular). I’m currently doing the ribbing and having no problem, except it seems 40 stitches is not nearly enough. I may have to buy circular needles, although I want to avoid it until I can save enough money. Is it possible to knit 2 “hats” and sew them together to make one larger hat? As if there were 2 seems instead of one?

The main problem is that I don’t think I understand the pattern properly. When I did a test, the decreases become knotted and bunchy. Is there a special decrease method, or when I K2tog it’s an automatic decrease.

Sorry if that’s confusing! I did my best to explain. If you have questions or need clarification, I will gladly try to explain further.


Also, when exactly do I start decreasing?

the pattern specifies ‘super bulky’ yarn which knits up at 6-11 stitches per inch (depending on type/brand). if you’re using ‘bulky’ that knits up at 12-15 stitches per inch (again, depending on brand) so you might need extra stitches. it might be a best to try a gauge swatch. knit a square of plain stockinette that’s 4-5" across and 4-5" tall, then measure how many stitches per inch your yarn and needles are getting you. ( the gauge the pattern specifies is even less, at only 2 stitches per inch. which means the bottom of her hat is about 20" around, unstretched.

it would be possible to knit one side of the hat, then the other, and seam them together. you could use regular straight needles to do that, but it would be a big deviation from the pattern and require extra thinking about finishing. the pattern calls for 2 circular needles in size 15 (10 mm), so those are big chunky needles. do you have that size in another option, like double-points, or a short-cord circular? most hats can be done on one short circular (16"). if you follow the pattern, you’re knitting for 8 inches, and then decreasing in 3 rows. one row is knit2tog/purl2tog, which effectively takes you from 40 stitches to 20 stitches. then you stay in-pattern and k1/p1 all the way around. then you k2tog the last round, taking you from 20 stitches to 10, and then drawing extra yarn through just those 10 stitches to close the hole at the very top.

if you did it on straight needles, it would be cast on 20. knit in k2/p2 rib. do that for 8 inches in length. then start decreasing in the k2tog/p2tog style. that will take you from 20 stitches to 10. then stay in-pattern with k1/p1 for a row. then k2tog all the way around. that will take you from 10 stitches to 5. cast off those 5 stitches. do this whole thing twice. then seam the 2 pieces together from brim to crown. it will be approximate, but should work.