confused about pattern directions

I’m reading this pattern of a wrap I want to knit:

It tells me to increase in the beginning with 18 stiches, then decrease several times on every other row without any more increases. The picture does not look like I’m supposed to be making such major decreasing without any increases other than in the beginning. Am I missing something here?

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I see the 18 increases after the ribbing, which seems fine.

In the lace rib section, the decreases (SSKs) are balanced by yarnovers (YOs).

So for every SSK that decreases one stitch, you have a YO that increases one stitch.

Does that make sense?

That does, except for that I apparently don’t know what a yarn over is. I thought I did… I’ll go check that out. Thank you so much for the help. :smiley:

You’re welcome!

Remember a yarnover is simply moving the yarn over your needle, and not doing anything else. In the next row you will work into the loop that this creates and it will become a normal stitch with an eyelet (hole) beneath it, if that makes sense.

(Sometimes people get confused and think that knitting the next stitch is part of the yarnover manoeuvre.)