Confused about Pattern directions - Help?

Here is the section of pattern I am working on:

Row 1: p4, (inc in next st, p2, k1-b, p2) across, end inc in next, p4.
Row 2: p3, k5, (p1, k6) across, end k5, p3.
Row 3: p8, *(k1, yo, k1) in next st, p6; rep from * to last 8 sts, p8.
Row 4: p3, k5, (p3, k6) across, end p3, k5, p3.
Row 5: p8, *(k1, lift running thread between next two sts to left needle, and purl) twice, k1, p2, inc in next, p3; rep from * to last 8 sts, p8.

I’ve got R1 down, and then by my estimation, I did R2 right as well. R3 is throwing me off - its not equaling the same number of stitches as the row calls for, and I do not know why. I decided to just roll with it (clearly I was crazy) but then R4 was off as well…I am getting super frustrated!

(BTW, its completely frogged right now, and I am working on the rows leading up to this part again.)

Thanks for any help you can give me from this disconnected post.

In row 2, the repeating sts are p1, k6, which are 7 sts. R3 uses those same 7 sts - K, YO, K in [I]one[/I] stitch, and p6. Knit into the st, leave it on the needle, YO and knit into it again, then knit 6.

Thank you so much! That made much more sense and worked out for R3! Now here’s to hoping I keep understanding what I am doing.