Confused about my pattern, looks like a Chevron design...let me describe the problem, please help!

I’m making a sweater with a Chevron stitch at the bottom of the sweater and I’m a bit confused…the pattern is asking me to knit 2 tog 3x, yarn over knit 1 6x, and then knit 2 tog 3x…now do I repeat that pattern with knit 2 tog 3x to get across the row? Is it correct to knit 2 tog twice in a row? I’m confused is this going to repeat the pattern correctly?

You are using a pattern called Feather and fan. It has repeated decreases and increases across the width of what ever you are making. It takes 18 stitches per each repeat of the pattern row. You may want to use stitch markers between each repeat of the pattern. I did that when I made an afghan out of cotton yarn for my youngest son and daughter-in-law to remind them of their time they spent in Key West while my son was stationed there for the Navy.

Make sure the stitch count at the botton of your sweater is divisible by 18 to get the right number o stitches or each repeat of the pattern.

I hope this helps you.

Yes, by repeating k2tog 3 times, yo k1 6times and k2tog 3 times across the row, you’ll have k2tog 6 times after the yo k1 and the row ends with k2tog 3 times.