Confused about instructions

Knitting an Aran Style vest (Patons book #712, old booklet). Knitted to row 24 where it says “Panel pats A and B are now in position” and continue to All Sizes Next row: work appropriate row panel … No clue what they mean!


Panel A and panel B have a different nunber of rows before they are repeated.
Up to this point the pattern instructions has told you which row from panel A and which row from panel B to work.
For instance row 24 reads […] 18th row of panel B and 10th row of panel A […]
From “next row” onwards you are expected to track the relevant rows of each panel yourself. This is partly to reduce the size of the pattern or it would go on for many more pages. Patterns often/usually expect us to continue on our own after a pattern has been established.

If you have 2 or 3 row counters this could help.
I like to use 3 and write down which colour row counter I am using for panel A, which colour for panel B and which colour for the ‘general’ row number.

If you don’t have row counters you can track with pencil and paper writing each nunber as you complete it, or plan ahead and prepare a chart showing:

Row number, panel A row number, panel B row number
Row 25, panel A 11, panel B 19

And write all the nunbers in first, then tick them off as you complete each row.

For what it’s worth I bought additional old fashioned row counters for just this reason and contacted the supplier to ensure I was sent a different colour to the colours I already had. I have the ones that go on a needle but when I use several in one go I keep them all on a large safety pin style stitch holder as I find this easier.

I hope this helps. Do ask if you need more help with this. It sounds like an interesting knit, I hope you’ll post photo.