Confused about gauge label

Hi, I am really bad at math! So, my yarn calls for needle size either US 5 or 6, with a gauge of 20-22 stitches over 4 inches. I knit true to gauge. If I want to use the larger needles, should I assume that I will be knitting 20 stitches per 4 inches?? Also, why do they give different needle sizes and gauge?? (Just curious). Thanks for any assistance. P.S. I’m adjusting a pattern that uses a ribbing configuration.

Did you actually knit a swatch? Never assume you knit to gauge with every yarn if you’re knitting a garment. We can’t tell you or assume you’ll knit 20 stitches to the inch with a larger needle. We all knit differently. For instance I knit loose so I nearly always need to go down a needle size.

Knit a gauge swatch for the pattern not the yarn. The designer may have designed the pattern to be a looser or tighter knit. What exactly are you trying to achieve by changing needle size for ribbing?

Please post a pattern name and link so we can see it. If it’s a purchased pattern it still helps if we can see it. Don’t post the whole pattern here please.

Thank you for your response. Sorry, I can’t send the pattern because I’m basing my cowl on a pattern I liked. I’m not using the yarn called for in the pattern so am just taking the knit 2 purl 2 ribbing configuration (they use a knit two, slip two purlwise on the first round and knit 2, purl 2 second round) and using it with the yarn I have.

I just wanted to be sure I should do the math for the larger needles based on the 20 stitch count in order to decide how many stitches to cast on! The finished circumference is 50 inches, so that’s 12.5 groups of 4 inches, which multiplied by 20 stitches is 250 stitches using the larger needles.

I guess I’ll just try that and see what happens. I have never knit anything where I haven’t achieved the gauge called for in the pattern using the needles suggested. That is why it was confusing to me to see two different needle sizes and stitch counts listed on the yarn (Malabrigo Dos Tieeras). I wasn’t sure why it is written like that.

Oh I see, your creating your own pattern. Cool!

If you did a swatch you can determine how many stitches you are getting per inch and figure our house many tho cast on for 50 inches. Swatches are a pain, but ripping out a bunch of times id’s worse when you’ve got a lot to cast on. Once you have your gauge we can help with the math.:slight_smile: If you want too wing it go for it.

The reason they put two different needle sizes is because people then have an idea how the yarn knits with a different needle. Pretty much what your doing.

When making your own pattern you either make a swatch in pattern or your first bit of the piece is a swatch and you accept that you may have to frog it and start over.
I do a lot of starting over.

You’ve got the gauge to overall length right.
But if your pattern is multiples of 4 and you’re doing circular you can’t have the half a group. 250 stitches is 62.5 groups of 4.
Make that 252 stitches. Then you will end a round on p2 and begin the next round with k2.

Thanks to you both! I think I have it figured out and am happy with how the cowl is turning out. I still don’t understand why yarn companies list two different needle sizes and gauges but oh well! Maybe it is to give pattern makers and knitters flexibility?