Confused about decreases!

Ok so I’m working on a lace pattern which started off as 154 stitches. The pattern is
Row 1 (RS): k1, *k2tog 3 times, (k1, yo) 6 times, k1, k2tog 3 times; rep from *, k1
Rows 2 and 4: p all sts, including yo’s
Row 3: k

After the work was a certain length, the instructions said to decrease on row1 by omitting all YOs, leaving 106 stitches.

I did that fine…but then comes the problem.

The instructions say to continue in pattern and decrease on row1 2 more times, leaving 10 stitches.

Next time I reached row1 and omitted all YOs, I ended up with 73 sts and the row ended in the middle of the pattern stitch, not at the end.

By my calculations, next time I decrease, I will end up with 52 sts (not the 10 I should have)!


The pattern I’m working from can be found here

Hmm. I haven’t knit this, but I looked it over and thought about it and I get about what you do.

I would probably just do the decreases more times, but not necessarily the whole 4 row repeat each time. Maybe decrease row, work a row even, and do the decrease row again until I got down to ten or whatever seemed good to me at the time and end it off there.

Oh OK, I see what you mean. My main concern is that the pattern will be lost though as there is not enough stitches to complete the 8 repeats required. Should I decrease the number of knit stitches between the k2tog sections?
I found the original pattern that the earlier link was taken from. It includes chart instructions for the lace pattern if that makes it clearer what I mean.

Once you omit the yo’s, the pattern is going to be lost. On the second decrease row, you shouldn’t have any yo’s to omit but you can k2tog 6 times in a repeat plus one k1 for a total of 7sts per repeat (58sts total). This is just what you’re suggesting by putting the decreases into the area between the k2togs. As a result, almost all the sts on this round becme k2tog.
As Merigold suggests, go to k2tog every other row here instead of every 4rows until it looks like a reasonable number of sts to gather together and tighten up for the closure of the beret.
In the 2nd pattern you posted, it doesn’t say to keep in pattern during the decrease rows, just to repeat the decreases.