Confused about decreases, help!

Okay! so I’m making a simple beanie for my sister and every time I decrease the pattern flips (like the nice outside part slips to the inside) and I have no clue how it’s happening! I’m doing the knit two together decrease, is that somehow related???
I appreciate any advice!!! (and keep it simple, shorthand is hard on me, I’m mildly dyslexic)
Thank you so much :thumbsup:

How do you mean ‘the pattern flips’? You mean you get out of the stitch pattern? It would help to diagnose it if we know what pattern you’re doing.

well I don’t know how to explain it very well, (sorry, I’m gonna try my best though) it’s like the inside and outside switch places. (also I’m not using a pattern, I’m just doing a beanie sort of thing, just using standard stitch, 10.5 circular needles, then switching to dpn)
I’ll decrease one stitch every 10 and it flips, I know I’m keeping everything in the same direction and everything though, so I know I’m not just knitting the opposite side… does that make sense? :confused:

Take a lok at the video for k2tog. It’s basically a knit stitch except that you’re knitting 2sts at once. If your knit sts don’t flip the beanie, I’m not sure how the k2tog would do that.

OH MY GOSH I WAS DOING IT BACKWARDS! :oops: oh gosh that’s embarrassing lol. Thank you for saving my knitting!

I’m such a newbie…

That happens, especially if you set your work done for a bit. Just grab the knitting and push it through the inside of the circle. Life is good again. It will help as a newbie if you learn what the stitches look like. If they are shaped like the letter V (knit stitch), you’re going in the right direction. If they look like a turtle neck on a sweater, that’s the purl side and you need to turn it around. Your working yarn should always come off the right needle. If it’s coming off the left, it’s backwards. Turn it around.