Confused about casting on at the beginning of a row

I would like to make a sweater but I’m confused about the directions. This sweater is worked all in one piece. This is the part I’m confused about:
“Cast on 34 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows. 120 stitches. Continue on these stitches until the knitting measures 7 in. ending with a purl row.”

My question is: What do you do after you cast on the 34 stitches? Do you flip the needles over like usual and then cast on the 34 stitches on the next row? Or do you work the cast on stitches right away all the way across, and then flip over the needles, and then cast on the 34 stitches for the next row? I’m soooooooo confused! I know this is a completely stupid question, but this is my first sweater. I’ve only ever knitted scarves and dishrags before…

Thanks in advance.

I’m not positive but I think you would cast them on and then continue to work that row.

I’m guessing you have 52 stitches on the needles before starting this part? If so, then you cast on 34, and knit the rest of the row, bringing your stitche total to 86, then turn your work as usual and cast on 34 stitches and continue to knit across the row, bringing your total number of stitches to 120. Then you knit those 120 until the work measures 7 inches.

I agree with Lisa.