Confused about a pattern

Hi all, I’m new to this forum and still fairly new to knitting. I am mostly self taught but have gotten some help through books and YouTube! I have used a few simple patterns but not a lot of them (a lot of the same things being knit in my house!) I am looking to expand and I really want to make a sweater! (I know I’m crazy), I found a simple pattern on ravelry and I started off alright but then I got a bit hung up. The pattern is one piece from the top down and adding the sleeves after (that’s what it says anyways) I got the neckline and now am supposed to switch to larger needles but can’t seem to get the stitches onto the #9s from the 4s! Is there a way I can loosen them to make this Work? Also after I switch to the larger needles I’m supposed to increase by 36 stiches evenly spaced but it should be every 3.5 stiches add a new one…i thought about going 7 then adding two…would that mess me up? What would you do?

Good for you for trying new patterns. The more you work, the better and easier it becomes.

The way to switch to the larger needle is to knit onto the larger size needle. So just hold the larger needle in you right hand and knit the sts off the smaller.

When patterns say to increase evenly across the row, it really means approximately evenly or at least not all bunched up in one area. You could increase after 3 sts, then after 4sts and alternate 3sts, inc, 4sts, inc, across the row. That’ll work and if it’s not perfectly correct you can always add a stitch or two on the next row.

Can you tell us the pattern name or give us a link to it?

Thank you so much for the help! I was trying to purl/slide onto the larger ones and not having much luck so I’ll try to actually knit them! And thanks for clearing up increasing also. The pattern is a free one on ravelry called flax…