Confuse on pattern

I’m using dpn needles #3 I’m confuse

The number before the bracket indicates each round, so 1) is round 1

  1. knit all stitches
  2. knit all stitches

Needle 1, (16 sts) knit
Needle 2, (16 sts) k3, kfb, k2, kfb, k2, kfb, k2, kfb, k3 (20 sts)
Needle 3, (16 sts) knit

Does this help?
The instruction for each Needle is separated by a long dash _
The instructions between the * is what is repeated the number of times stated

Let us know if this is not the help you needed or if you need more help.
Cute pattern.

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What pattern is this? It looks like one I’ve used but I can’t find it. What has you confused?

Thank you I just wasn’t sure because of the -

Glad you’re back on track.
I am not familiar with working with dpns and don’t know how the instruction is usually written but I did think the dash - a bit confusing as it is used in a different way to other patterns.

Enjoy your bunny knitting.

I’m not sure , I was looking up free patterns and saw this pattern to cute

I think that you have posted a bunny like this one, @GrumpyGramma.


Yeah, that’s the one I made. Mine didn’t turn out as I hoped. I should have used different yarn. He got donated and I hope he made someone happy. I think that was my first time to use magic loop on a pattern written for dpn and I had to use markers to know where one needle ended and the next one started for following the instructions. How on earth did you find that and remember I’d done it? I’m impressed.

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I thought it was such a clever idea and somehow you and Henry’s rabbit became associated. I’d never tried knitting an animal at that point so I was the one who was impressed.
As you say, I’m sure it was a treat for someone.

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Have you done any critters yet? I’ve made some cat patterns but by the time I got to them I was playing loose with following patterns and no two I made were the same or just like the pattern. Tarragon the Gentle Dragon is a fun knit and one I made went to college and guarded my granddaughter’s computer. :blush: Now that I’ve been reminded of the rabbit pattern I think I might make another. My DD insisted that bunny should become Bunnicula. She said it needed fangs. What can I say, she’s my kid. :rofl: I never got that done and he went on to hopefully be enjoyed by someone.

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This is one of my favorite little animals.


On needle 2 kfb is one stitch correct I counted 16 stitches and you stated 20 am I counting wrong?

The increase instruction kfb uses up 1 stitch and creates 2 stitches.
Before needle 2 is worked there are 16 stitches.
There are 4 of the kfb across these stitches making a total increase of 4 stitches.
When you have worked needle 2 there are 20 stitches.

If you look on the photo of the bunny there is a panel of increase stitches across the back, this will be what you are producing on needle 2 whilst needles 1 and 3 do not have increases.

Do you know how to work the kfb?
Knit into the front of the stitch to create a new stitch but do not drop the old stitch off of the left needle, instead bring the right needle around to the back of the same stitch, go in the back, wrap, and produce a second stitch on the right needle. Then allow the old stitch to drop off the left needle. 1 stitch used up, 2 produced.

Does this help?

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Thank you that makes sense

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You’re welcome.
Just ask again if you are not sure on any part.

Good Morning ladies okay I’m done with the bunny head now it’s telling me to place all 64 live sts on scrap yard should I place them all together or individual and I’m confuse in starting the head portion

Good going!
For the 64sts at the end of the body, you can thread a tapestry needle with scrap yarn and slip them one by one onto the scrap yarn then tie the ends of the scrap yarn together so you don’t lose sts. If you have a spare needle you can slip them onto the spare needle instead. If you want you can place markers between the 16-32-16sts for later.

Be sure to measure out 4 yards of your working yarn before cutting the yarn as the pattern directs for finishing the body later.
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I’m confuse on the head portion don’t know how to start I’m stuck

Sorry I’m done with the body now I’m stuck on the head instructions I really appreciate you ladies so much