Confuse on dog pattern

New beginner on knitting confuse reading the pattern I’m on chest panel I cast on 33 sts. Did next row and next row .I repeat this row I matched back from split yo neck stitches holder but than after that it says next row I need to take picture of what I’m confuse on . I’m trying to knit a dog sweater

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Welcome to the forum!
What is the name of your pattern and the name of the book it’s from?
After matching the back from the split rig marker to neck sts, Start the next row which establishes a rib pattern. For your size, k1, then repeat p1,k1 across the sts on your needle.
In the next section on the next column you’ll be joining the held sts back on the needle and working them in the rib pattern.

Thank you I’m not home right now but I’ll tell you the name of the book in a bit

Posh pooches name of book ,k so you are saying once I’m done and have match back from split ring maker the next row I k1, *p1,k1; rep from *. So I’m just knitting one row correct .so when I’m done with this row do I join chest to main body to the same needle

Yes, complete this row then join sts on hold. You’re going to continue in the rib pattern with a decrease at the end of the row.

Decrease at the end of the row how do I do that

Work in rib to the last 2 sts then p2tog which is the pattern instruction. Here’s a video for purl 2 together in case you need it.

Thank you , You have been so helpful Love this forum oh by the way my name is Yolanda

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So I’m done with my dog sweater I’m blocking it and after that I’ll put it together my first project


Woo-hoo, congratulations! It looks beautiful and that dog will be the envy of the neighborhood. Very well done.

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This looks great. It’s very neat!

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Wow nice and neat stitching well-done :blush: