Confiusing instructions on toddler outfit

I am working on a bernat jean jacket set it is a free pattern found through raverly My problem begins where you begin to shape the armholes.the last row completed was a purl row. The next 3 rows are clear. When it comes to the next row it indicates ( WS ) in this pattern wrong side is a knit row. According to the pattern this should be a right side row or a purl row. As you can see the next row precedes to go back to a knit row please help and let me know where I’m reading this wrong.

The Stockinette stitch pattern for the body of the jacket ends on a purl row (WS).
Shape armholes: Cast off 3 (4-5-5-5) sts beg next 2 rows.
Dec 1 st each end of needle on next row (this is a RS row).

Next row: (WS). Knit. This gives you purl bumps on the RS to mark the seed st beginning.
Next row: Knit, dec 1 st each end of row (this is a RS row)
Proceed in seed st pat …

The pattern changes to a garter stitch here to set off the seed stitch yoke. It did the same at the beginning of the jacket, between the seed st. border and the main body.

Sorry i think you misunderstood what i was asking or maybe i did not explain myself right. Throughout the pattern the wrong side row was a knit row the opposite of most patterns. I am working on the left front here you cast off the first row and the purl the next row. This is where i become confused. Rows 1,3,5,7 excetera should be knit or (ws) rows but you will see that the 4th row says (ws) knit. I am just confused as to whether the pattern is set up so thay when it tells me to end on a wrong side or that the wrong side should br facing what is facing me a knitted row or a purl row. I really appreciate your patience in helping me to understand this pattern.

This pattern is to be knit in stockinette stitch (RS, knit; WS, purl) not in reverse stockinette stitch (RS purl; WS, knit). For the back and the fronts, the border seed st, ends with a RS knit then a WS knit which gives you the row of purl bumps on the RS. Then starting on the RS with the larger needles, proceed in stockinette stitch. That’s RS knit.
If you like working in reverse stockinette, that’s fine and I’m sure it will look equally nice but that may be the source of the confusion.
The resolution in the pattern photo isn’t very high but you can see the pattern stitch in the Ravelry projects.

Thanks for all your help and patience i will send a picture when it is finished